Model MC06 – Bucket for pasta transport

Photo Illustration

Product details:

* Width – 225 mm
* Height – 140 mm
* Length – 327 mm
* Pin gear – Ø 6 mm

The bucket MOLDE for pasta transport machines, are made of polyester resin ortoftálica nontoxic with isophthalic gel coat finish the average thickness of 5mm. High mechanical strength, have long life.


Manufacturing characteristics:

The MOLDE products are manufactured in GRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic glass), with high quality raw material. Out finishing do not require painting, the color is incorporated during the production proccess using ultraviolet protectors to ensure durability. Easy to clean, maintenance-free parts. It is sufficient washing and polishing, like a car, so they always looking good. They have latches, hinges and locks in stainless steel.


MOLDE warrants its products free from defects for a period of 5 years from the date of delivery. Should they show any defect within the warranty period, the mold is liable to restore them or replace them without any kind of charge to the client.

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