Aerogenerators Nacells

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The wind is the result of the movement of air around the surface of the globe, caused by temperature differences. The energy of these air masses is a huge source of natural energy that can easily be transformed into electrical energy through windmills. Using the process of “Spray-Up” with finishing surface of an exclusive “Gel-Coat”, the parts have unmatched durability characteristics compared to the current market. Added to this technology, the incorporation of the color in the process of the resin, can dispensing the paint operation. This whole process and experience enables us to offer a guarantee of 3 (Three) years – that is single in the market.


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MOLDE is constantly seeking new technologies and updates its processes, always sensitive to environmental and social responsibility for their actions. Our commitment is quality products and customer satisfaction, that differentiates us in the manufacture of fiberglass components.


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MOLDE manufactures fairings since 1999 and has produced more than 485 sets of machines nacells for 800kW to 1800kw. MOLDE has a qualified technical team to design and manufacture all molds, tools and devices needed for mass production line.


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